04 February 2012

Tiger Stripe Mani

I'm sorry...for anyone actually reading my blog, this was supposed to go up yesterday.  I spent my whole Friday racing (and losing) the clock.  Laundry, check.  Pick up the child, check. Homework...kind of a half check - which I guess is actually just a line.  But I digress...

Hubberoo and I actually got to go out sans offspring!  This doesn't happen very often, so of course, I wanted a killer mani.  I'm not gonna lie...I did experience an epic failure of mani.  EPIC.  I told you this little journey would not always be smooth.  It started off great.  Mattified black polish was involved and it was gorgeous.  Then I decided I could do one better...and I cocked it up.  Big. Time.  First time stamping and the failure was, say it with me, EPIC.  But did I let that stop me?  Well, yes, at first.  And then...

I went back to one of my new fav pollies...PP The Right to Bare Feet.  Suddenly, tiger stripes were dancing through my mind.  So, I dusted myself off and got to work.

First I started with a base coat of SH Double Duty, then two coats of PP The Right to Bare Feet, followed by one coat of SV.

Then I grabbed my tape and taped off a sort of triangle.  I wanted it to look like one large tiger stripe, as though you were looking at one in macro.  Painted in the area with Sinful's Black on Black and topped everything with one coat of SV.  And voila!  (And ignore the nice little slice on my pinky...got into an argument with a pair of scissors).  At least I kind of redeemed myself from my earlier failure.

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