06 February 2012

New York Giants Superbowl Mani!

Now also known as the Champions Mani!!!  We had a small Superbowl party, so I had zero time to take pics until today.  The only upside to that was it gave me time to get all of the red stains from making jello shots off of my hands!

I started out with SH Double Duty as a base and then added two coats of CG's Frostbite followed by one coat of SV.

Next, I used OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress to do the tips.

Then I taped off my tips leaving just a tiny strip of red visible and painted the rest of my tips with OPI's Alpine Snow.  I topped them with one coat of SV.

For my thumbs, I decided on a 50 yard line.  I also learned that I can't paint with my left hand if my life depended on it!  Anyway, this is SH's Double Duty as a base and CG's Gaga for Green, two coats.  Then I added one coat of SV.

Then I went back to OPI's Alpine Snow to paint a white line down the center using tape.  Then I (attempted) to freehand a 5 and 0.  Finished it off with one last coat of SV.  And there you have it!


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