07 February 2012

12! And I'm Swatchin' You - Hazel Bishop Smoked Purple

First of all...I'm so excited to have 12 followers!!!  LOL  It's the little things in life that make me so very happy!  Welcome, new people!  I really appreciate that you are all here with me...YAY!!!

Okay, in my little collection o' polish, I have some obscure colors that I've had forever.  My mild OCD simply will not allow me to swatch my collection while skipping these obscure colors.  Therefore, I had to do it!

This one is from Hazel Bishop Porcelain Glaze.  It is called Smoked Purple.  This color is meant to be layered (as you can see from the crazily obvious VNL), but since one of my goals right now is to swatch everything straight from the bottle, I used it on its own.  The color is like a pinkish purple...almost a cross between an opalescent and a duochrome.  It would look great over a white or probably even black base.  Application was actually quite smooth and even.  May have to play with this one...

And so I did!  I decided to try layering it.  I happened to have done a quick mani using Icing's Hazelnut, which I have already swatched.  So I layered this Smoked Purple on top of one nail just to see how it would look and ended up with a cool purple.  The top left pic is Hazelnut on its own.  The right pic is Smoked Purple over Hazelnut.  The bottom left pic shows you a comparison between the two.  Thoughts?

SH Double Duty and SH Insta-Dri for base and top (are you getting tired of reading that yet?)  :o)

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