10 February 2012

Feature Friday: A Mermaid's Tale

Hello again!  I was wanting to have my Friday Feature done last night so you would get the pics sooner, but that just did not happen.  Hubberoo has been sick, child's been stubborn, and it's been a long, crazy week full of meetings and homework.  Oh, well.

I don't know why, but I had visions of mermaids and Erika over at Chloe's Nails inspired me to break into my new Big Ruby nail tats!  I got these on sale and you can find them here.

I started with SH Double Duty as a base, two coats of 10's Pinky Promise, and one coat of SV.

Then I taped off my tips (except for my accent nail) and used Spoiled's Good Karma.  Finished them with a coat of SV.

Next, I used my Big Ruby nail tat from their Sea collection.  I wanted this to look like a mermaid diving into the mist, so I took the larger shark tat and cut it in half.  Now I need to think of a mani to use the shark's head...thoughts?  After I applied the tat, I used Spoiled's Shaken Snow Globe on the bottom half of my nail.

Then I layered Sinful's Call You Later on the bottom third of the accent nail.

Followed this with a layer of Sinful's Nail Junkie on just the tip of the accent nail.

To finish up, I used Shaken Snow Globe to kind of blend it all together and topped with SV.  Hope you like it!


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