27 February 2012

I'm Swatchin' You - New York Color East Village and a Layering Experiment

Happy Monday! I have an electrified sheer blue to shock you into gear for the week.  This next swatch is from NYC's In a New York Color Minute line.  It's called East Village (love that!), so you know it has sass!  The color is a shimmery sheer teal that makes me think of mermaids.  It would look gorgeous over a light base.  But of course, since I'm swatching, I wanted you to see it in all of it's natural glory!  Easy application with a decent brush.

  SH Double Duty and SH Insta-Dri for base and top.

Update: I got some recommendations from some folks over at MUA for layering ideas with this color.  The suggestions were:
Jelly sandwich with a black glitter
Layer over pale yellow
Layer over navy
Layer over OPI Be a Dahlia, Won't You

I found that I did not have a black glitter, so I used the darkest glitter I had in a clear base, which was Sinful's Call You Later.  (Mental note: add a black glitter to stash!)  For the pale yellow, I used Sinful's Unicorn.  The navy I used, which was the only "straight"' navy I had, was ChG's Frostbite.  And since I did not have the OPI color, the closest color I had was Icing's Cherry Blossom.  I decided to add an idea of my own.  For some reason, I thought this color would look great with black lace.  So I painted my thumb with OPI's Alpine Snow and topped it with East Village.  Then I used some black lace I had to add a lace tip.

On a side note, I tried using Maybelline's Express Finish top coat.  I have to say it was crap-tastic.  It did absolutely nothing for drying my nail polish quickly.  I think I bought this years ago to use with my daughter's manis when I wanted a cheap QDTC.  It does apply well, so I will just keep it on hand as a regular top coat.  Enjoy the experimental pics!  Oh, and since I knew this would come off as quickly as it went on, I was not too careful with application and didn't bother with clean up.  Deal with it! :o)

L to R: NYC East Village, OPI Alpine Snow, Sinful Call You Later, Sinful Unicorn, ChG Frostbite, Icing Cherry Blossom

L to R: Jelly Sandwich with Call You Later, layered over Unicorn, layered over Frostbite, layered over Cherry Blossom

Layered over Alpine Snow with black lace tip

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