03 April 2012

Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials Tuesday - Cuticle Cream III

Welcome to another 3T Tuesday!  This is the last of the cuticle creams I am using at the moment.  This one is going to be a little...awkward.  The product is called Lansinoh.  It is 100% HPA Modified Lanolin and is marketed towards, well, breastfeeding mothers.  As stated on the tube, this product "soothes, heals, & protects sore nipples."  I can attest that for it's intended purpose, it does work wonders.

Somewhere along the line, someone thought "if it worked so well to soften and heal my nipples, imagine what it could do for my cuticles!"  So, if your cuticles are positively ravaged, this will most definitely help get them at least looking human again.  My cuticles were horrible!  Before I started painting my nails again and really taking care of my nails, my cuticles were ragged, jagged, and hard.  I used Lansinoh for about 3 weeks, and the difference was remarkable!  Now, my cuticles are nowhere near perfect, but they are significantly better than they were.

This looks like a translucent ointment that comes in a 1.41 oz tube.  This also goes a long way.  I use a very small amount, probably less than the size of a small pea.  Once you rub it into your cuticles, it melts into a greasy ointment that does not absorb into the skin.  Therefore, I use this at night before bed.  Like I said, I did use only this for a couple of weeks and saw great results.  Now, I kind of alternate between this and the Lemony Flutter.  I will tell you that I do NOT treat my hands like they are made of porcelain.  I use my hands and I can get pretty rough with them.  So, if I think my cuticles need a really strong dose of healing and moisture, this is the product I reach for at night.  I think I got it for about $9.00 at Walgreens.  I'm pretty sure you can get it at just about any store with a pharmacy section.


  1. I never thought about using Lanolin! I still have a ton from when I breast fed my munchkins! Thanks for the tip! I will be using this!!! <3


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