24 April 2012

Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials Tuesday - Lush Helping Hands

FYI, the giveaway should hopefully be up and running tomorrow!
Today's tip is on Lush's Helping Hands hand cream.  I have a ton of different hand creams, so I won't be going over everything I use.  Often, I get them as gifts and I'll just use one until it's gone.  I am just giving you some information on my favorites, and this is definitely one of them!

As you know (or maybe not), I recently reviewed Lush's Smitten, but it is a discontinued item that can only be ordered online (in their retro section) or in a gift basket in stores.  Since my bottle of Smitten is almost gone, I recently picked up Helping Hands as a replacement.  Helping Hands is a cream that has a pink tinge (I don't think it showed up well in the picture).  It is not as greasy as Smitten, as it does not have as much almond oil.  It does have cocoa butter, so it is very moisturizing.  Helping Hands will not absorb quickly into your skin, but it's not crazy greasy, either.  I would say that after about 20 minutes, you can go about your business pretty freely.  The only thing I'm not sold on with this is the scent.  It has chamomile, which I can definitely pick up.  But it is also mixed with lavender and cocoa butter.  It's one of those smells that I don't necessarily hate, but I'm not crazy about it, either.  It's just kind of...odd.

Again, it is pricey, as are most of Lush's products.  This pot is 3.5 oz and costs $17.95.  The upside is that a little goes a long way.  You can purchase Helping Hands here (this is the link to the USA site).


  1. I thought of picking this up. This or Lush "Flutter". Have you tried that? I can't decide. Not sure if you have already seen my blog - I'm new:) iheartprettypolish.blogspot.com

    1. I also did a review of Lemony Flutter. It is more a cuticle cream, where Helping Hands is a hand cream. They are both great! And I will check out your blog.

  2. ive gone thru 2 containers of lushs dream cream. i know it says body lotion (and i do use it elsewhere but it works great on my hands. and, it has a wonderful smell and isnt greasy! it is my favorite item from lush

  3. I used to have a sample of this that lasted for months!! Ah, I miss Lush, it's been too long since I used their stuff...



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