30 April 2012

Review - SoFlaJo Wilde Irish Rose

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Today, I get to do my very first "official" review!  The polish is called Wilde Irish Rose by SoFlaJo.  It is from her new limited edition Spring Flowers Collection, and is only available during the spring.

The base is tinged pink, and almost looks iridescent.  There is pink and gold micro glitter, and you can also pick out flashes of green and gold through iridescent bar glitter.  The formula on this was great.  It went on smoothly and evenly with each coat.  As a glitter, you can either layer it or build it up on its own.  With that being said, I'm showing this to you both ways!

From left to right, you are looking at one coat, two coats, two coats over white (OPI Alpine Snow), and two coats over black (ChG Liquid Leather).  I did not use a top coat, because this polish does dry to an almost satin finish, which I wanted you to be able to see.  If you want that high shine, you will need a top coat.  Also, the natural finish is not very gritty at all, so it should not eat your top coat.

L to R: One coat, two coats, two coats over white, two coats over black

Then, to show how it builds, what you see below is three coats on the left and four coats on the right.

L to R: Three coats, four coats

Layering Wilde Irish Rose over black really brings out the base.  However, layering over white highlights the glitter.  I thought I would love this polish over black, but I think it looks best in all it's natural glory!

You can purchase this from SoFlaJo's shop page here.  It can also be purchased through her Etsy shop here.  While you are there, be sure to check out her other collections.  Her Year of the Dragon line looks incredible!

This product was provided for review.


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