16 April 2012

An "I Wonder" Moment and I'm Swatchin' You - The Hungry Asian Strawberry

Good morning!  So here's what I'm wondering about.  There have been two weird coinkydinks over the past couple of weeks.  You know when you think about an old movie or something and the next thing you know, you're seeing it EVERYWHERE?  After my past two "strolls down amnesia lane" when I swatched some really old pollies in my collection, they started showing up all over the place!

First, it was the Cover Girls.  After I swatched Mystic Peacock, I started seeing lots of posts on MUA and FB about finding it, wanting it, etc.  Then last week, I used one of my Street Wears in a mani, which led to me swatching them for you this past week and guess what?  People were posting about Street Wear on MUA today and I even came across blog posts about them!  So, here's my "I wonder" moment. 

I wonder if I have some people come across my blog, but not committing to the point of following.  THEN....they move on, but I stick in their subconscious...and a few days later...my influence manifests!  *cue Twilight Zone music*  Either I'm experiencing a delusion of grandeur or my little ramblings on my little blog are...parasitic.  LOL

Moving on.  Since I featured this polish in a mani last week, I thought I would show you an unadulterated swatch.  If you've been hanging with me for a while, you probably noticed that I'm not a fan of chunky glitter.  Therefore, I'm not much of a fan of Indie polish, since it seems that most Indie lines consist mainly of chunky glitter.  That being said, it logically follows that if I pick up an Indie polish, it has to blow my frickin' mind.

This is Strawberry by The Hungry Asian.  Check out the packaging...personalized note, ribbon, etc.  Very sweet.

This was also very well packaged, with additional tissue paper and bubble wrap in a box...very safe.  Oh, and lightning fast shipping.  The polish is a red creme with black micro glitter.  So it really does remind you of a strawberry...too cute!  The best part?  You are looking at ONE coat, people!  And please excuse the virtual bandage (again).  I got a little cut on my ring finger and was kind enough to spare you the ick.

You can buy Strawberry from The Hungry Asian's Etsy shop here.

Consider. My mind. BLOWN.

SH Double Duty and SV for base and top.


  1. What a sweet mani! I can see those fingers typing away at your computer, getting those school papers done... and hopefully bringing a smile to your face as you take care of business! Go get 'em Gina Marie!

    1. You are always so sweet! Thank you!!!

  2. i know im fairly new to all this but how have i missed the hungry asian? that color actually made me audibly suck air in! it was a very weird noise that scared our chihuahua. anyway...it really does look just like a strawberry! so thanks for the heads up on that. and, being new...i have to ask. what is mua?? there are so many things ive been able figure out on my own...but that one has eluded me. thanks in advance!

    1. LOL! And yes, it is incredible! Anytime you come across an abbreviation on my blog, check my page "Abbr." I try to be good about making sure I spell out any that I use. MUA is Makeup Alley. It's a message board for all kinds of topics. I am on the nail board often.

    2. thanks for answering so quickly!!


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