29 May 2012

Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials Tuesday - Swatch Book

Hi all!  Today, I thought I would show you my swatch book.  I created this for browsing my stash, but I also keep it in my purse for shopping.  I've got mad skills at buying dupes, so I decided to create this to help me avoid dupes while shopping.  That's the theory, anyway.  :o)

I used little square index cards, and punched a hole in the upper corner.  Then, I wrote the color family at the top.  Each card has five colors listed by brand and name.  Under that, I painted on a line of the polish.  Then, I stacked the cards and used a little ring I picked up at a craft store to hold them together.  Thanks for coming by, and have a great day!


  1. Great idea, but with my p0lishes the booklet would take up half my purse :))

  2. This is a really handy idea! Much better than my fake nails glued to pencils and stored in a flower pot!! ^.^

    1. I don't have swatchsicles, but that sounds really cute!


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