14 May 2012

Recent Haulage!

Happy Monday!  I thought I would try to kick off your week with lots of color, so here are some recent little hauls that occurred over the past month or so.  And don't forget to enter my giveaway, which ends Wednesday!  So excited!!!  And since I've already busted 100 followers, guess what will happen on Thursday?  Another giveaway!  And I'm only a handful of likes away from 100 likes on Facebook.  So guess what will happen when I hit 100 likes?  Another giveaway!  I'm just chucking free stuff at you guys!  And please try to take a moment to vote for me in Bundle Monster's nail art contest here.  On to the Monday rainbow...

Zoya's Earth Day Promo:

L to R: Jem, Sooki, Yara, Arizona, Meg, Zuza
Sally's B2G1 and a couple of CCs from HEB:

L to R: Mysterious Curse, Buried Alive, Glowstick, Daisy Does It, Sparkle and Soar
Ninja Polish A-Englands:

L to R: St. George, Tristam, Princess Sabra

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