23 May 2012

I'm Swatchin' You - Finger Paints Natural Talent

Good morning all!  My giveaway ends Thursday!  And my FB giveaway ends Sunday...make sure to get your entries in!

Today I am swatching my first Finger Paints (FP).  This is a great base for a french!  It's called Natural Talent.  It's a sheer light pink.  It goes on nicely in only two coats, which is what you are seeing.  This color looks positively gorgeous in evening lighting...very classy and elegant.

I'm sure this one will come up again in many a french!  I don't have many FPs...what are some of your favs?

If you see any remnants of pink glitter, I broke a bottle of polish the day I did this mani and my hands were absolutely covered in glitter!  It was a sad, sad, day.  *hangs head for a moment of silence*

SH Double Duty and SH Insta-Dri for base and top.


  1. I only have a couple FP colors then the flakie set but I used Curator's Crimson with Sticks n Stones together and it was great. The formula of the FP was great.
    Sorry about your bottle of pink glitter :(

    1. It was so sad and senseless...but there is a pretty pink stain in the garage in remembrance. LOL

  2. This is a really beautiful sheer/nude sort of color! I love polishes like this!


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