27 March 2012

Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials Tuesday - Cuticle Cream II

Good morning and welcome new people!  For 3T Tuesday, I have another cuticle cream for you.  It's called Lemony Flutter by Lush.  It is a cuticle butter that comes in a cute pot (love those Lush pots!) and has a slight lemon scent.  Some people don't like the scent on this, but I do.  As with any of Lush's products, it's a bit on the pricey side.  This pot is 1.5 oz and costs $14.95.  However, this lasts a loooong time!  You only need the tiniest bit for each hand.  So this little pot will last!  I've been using this pot for just a couple of weeks, but you can see I've barely made a dent!

To apply, I get a very small amount on the tip of my finger, and place a bit on each cuticle on one hand.  It looks like a pale yellow thick paste.  Once you start to rub it into your cuticles, it melts into an ointment type consistency.  One drawback is that this is greasy.  It doesn't really absorb into your skin, so I use it at night before bed, and wake up with soft, supple cuticles!  It's a great product that I highly recommend.  You can purchase this from Lush stores, or online here.

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