23 March 2012

Feature Friday - Stamped Zebra Stripes

Happy Friday and a big, huge welcome to my new reader!

Today I have my first real stamping attempt.  I did try stamping one nail once and it was an epic failure.  But, I've recently joined a group called Adventures in Stamping.  We stamp each Sunday, and this will be my first contribution.  This week's winning vote for theme was black and white only.  Let me tell you where I hoped to go with this versus where I ended up.

I love the show Once Upon a Time.  When I saw that we were stamping using only black and white, the first image that popped into my head was Regina's office.  The walls are covered in wallpaper that looks like trees on a white background.  Very wintry, which reminds me of home, which is why I love it.  Anyway, I only have the two Bundle Monster stamping sets, and did not have an image that really looked like trees.  So, I used the only one that came close, which was this one.

I figured if I tried stamping it so the lines were straight rather than diagonal, it may kind of look like bare tree trunks.  As you can probably tell from the title of this post - not so much.  But that was the original idea.  Also learned that I can't stamp straight lines to save my ever lovin' life.  So I'm just going to call this one Stamped Zebra Stripes and leave it alone.

I used SH Double Duty as my base.  Then I added two coats of Orly's Au Champagne.  The stamping was done with Sinful's Black on Black.  I topped it all off with a coat of SV.  Not horrible, but definitely needing practice.  Okay, a LOT of practice!  LOL



  1. These came out really cute!!! I love Once Upon A Time too!!!! Her office is wicked cool for sure!



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