23 July 2013

I'm Swatchin' You - China Glaze Re-fresh Mint

As you know, I used China Glaze's Re-fresh Mint as my Mint Mani in memory of Talia Joy Castellano on Friday.  However, I did not give any details on the polish out of respect for her memory.  So today, I'm just providing the details on my experience with this mint green creme.

The formula was great.  The first coat was a bit streaky, but the second coat provided solid coverage.  I stopped at two coats.  And I loved how easy this polish was to clean up.  With such a light creme, I was expecting to end up with that whitish film after cleaning up.  I was pleasantly surprised to find no residue at all.

As I said on Friday, I am not a big fan of mint greens...or any light green for that matter.  I bought this specifically to remember Talia Joy.  I just thought the name, Re-fresh Mint, was perfect for the Mint Mani memorial.  It was the first polish that came to mind.  Which led to another thought.  Wouldn't it be fantastic if China Glaze would change the name of this polish in her memory?  Or maybe they could even issue a special limited edition version of this where the proceeds can go to cancer research?  I'm thinking Talia's Joy would be a great name!  Hmmmmm......

SH Double Duty and SV as base and top.

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