16 July 2013

3 Colors Nail Art Brush Review - Born Pretty Store

Hello and happy Tuesday!  First of all, be sure to get your entries in for my giveaway!  It ends next week.  As for today, I'm reviewing a product from Born Pretty Store.  This is their 3 Colors Nail Art Brush set. 

The set includes a fine detail brush (red), medium liner (green), and a long striper brush (blue).  They are also numbered 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

Other than the fact that they look like pens, the brushes are of decent quality.  I don't know that they will necessarily last, but they're great for someone just starting out with liner brushes (like yours truly).  And at $2.57, they are definitely a deal.  And if you hit the Born Pretty Store banner in my sidebar, you can use the code there (GMG10) for a 10% discount!  I like that they come with protectors over the bristles.  Makes storage much safer.  I did play around some with all three brushes, experimenting to get an idea of how they work.

The brushes loaded well (I do have experience with painting...just not with nail polish, as some of my epic failure manis have proven).  I did find that the brushes stained fairly easily with highly pigmented colors, but this didn't affect their performance.  Then, I decided to try my hand at a mani.  So...I bring you my Purple Pixie Stripes mani.

I started with Zoya Stevie for the main color.  My accent nail is a base of ChG Sweet Hook.  Then I used the fine detail brush (the easiest brush to work with for a beginner like me) to add three stripes using SH CSM in Bewitched.  I topped my accent nail with a coat of SV.  Not too terrible for a first attempt at striping with liner brushes, is it?

Anyway, get in on the giveaway, and I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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