28 June 2013

12 Colors Rhinestones Kit Review - Born Pretty Store

Happy Friday!  Despite my ravaged cuticles (due to neglect thanks to crazy, busy life stuff), I had a lot of fun doing this mani to review a product from Born Pretty Store.  First, the product.  This is their 12 Colors Rhinestone Acrylic UV Nail Art Kit W/Box & Pen.
There are two 12-compartment boxes filled with rhinestones and a rhinestone picking tool (fancy term for wax pencil).

One box contains 6 compartments of black rhinestones, and 6 compartments of crystal/clear rhinestones.

The other box is an assortment of colors.  There is crystal/clear, red, aqua, black, yellow/green, lavender, blue, green, orange, pink, light blue, purple. 

The wax pencil is something you could probably get from a craft store.  But since it came with the kit, bonus!

I really love the assortment of colors.  I do wish that the compartments in the assorted box did not contain more black and crystal/clear rhinestones since you get a whole box of just those.  I would have liked to have seen two other colors included instead.  Overall, the assortment and number of total rhinestones included is excellent.  It is really a deal, priced at $7.59.  And you can use coupon code GMG10 to get 10% off (you can always find this in my sidebar...check it out!).

The rhinestones are great quality.  And can I say how much I love the boxes!  Each compartment is numbered.  They are great storage boxes that can be re-used.  Love that!  And I must say, the wax pencil/picker tool made easy work of picking up and placing the rhinestones.  So...on to the mani!

First, a quick explanation.  Waaaayyyy back when I was in junior high and high school, I used to love playing around with nail polish.  Believe it or not, this was not a very popular practice back then (yes, it was THAT long ago).  My favorite go-to mani was to paint my nails to look like dice.  No tools, just good old-fashioned patience with bottles of white and black polish.  I would occasionally even paint my pinky as a red die (the advent of the accent nail???).  Someday, I will go through my old box of pictures from that time to see if I can find one that shows my nails.  But for now, you'll just have to take my word for it.

Anyway, when I saw that box half-filled with black rhinestones, I decided to go way back in time to recreate the look using rhinestones.  First of all, SO much easier than using polish.  Wish I had these...er, um, cough, cough, hack...*mumble* years ago.

I started out with a base of SH Double Duty, and added two coats of SC Snow Me White.  Then, using a little dollop of SV, I used the picker tool to pick up and place the black rhinestones.  I finished with a coat of SV and BAM...I was transported back in time.  Like I said, ignore the cuticles.  Sorry about that.  Truly trying to get my rear in gear.

This product was sent for review.


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