05 March 2013

I'm Swatchin' You - Revlon Cherries in the Snow

I think everyone has heard of this color, and loves it.  It's got quite the reputation.  This is Revlon's Cherries in the Snow.  A must-have dark pink (fuchsia) creme.  I did have some issues, but not with the polish.  More on that later.

First of all, this is only one coat.  The formula was excellent.  Absolutely smooth application, with no balding or streaking.  Everyone should have this in their stash!  Now for my mishap...

While cleaning up with my nail polish thinner and brush, the tip of my brush fell off and dropped into my bottle of thinner.  Not wanting to dirty a glass (a decision I will soon regret), I decide that I think I can work fast enough to pour the thinner into a plastic cup, retrieve the brush, and return the thinner to its bottle. So I begin.  Everything was going great until I started to return the thinner to the original bottle.  The plastic cup cracked, and thinner began to pour all over the tray I use to paint my nails.  I run to the kitchen to get paper towels.  The good news:  I got all of the thinner off the tray before any damage could be done.  The bad news:  I forgot about the plastic cup that was still holding some thinner, which was rapidly eating away the plastic cup's bottom.  Now there is more thinner on the tray, as well as melted plastic.  Finally got everything cleaned up with minimal damage, except for the plastic cup.  The best news?  I did all of this without messing up my nails!  Until........

I grabbed a new bottle of my OPI AvoJuice hand lotion, since I had just used up the previous bottle.  This one was called Peppermint Shimmer.  Didn't pay the name much attention.  I put it on only to discover that it actually does have shimmer, which, when photographed, makes it look like you either have very dry hands or sparkles all over.  I couldn't decide which.  C'est la vie.

Cherries in the Snow with actual snow as a back drop!

SH Double Duty and SV as base and top.


  1. Oh, I love OPI AvoJuice, I just got a bottle of it recently. But I think a shimmery version would make me apprehensive too.

    This is a great color, nice swatches!

    1. I just wish I had realized it was shimmery before I used it! And thanks!


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