27 February 2013

I'm Swatchin' You - Zoya Sookie

After yesterday's disappointment, I was hoping for better news today.  But I got a little more disappointment.  Today's color is from Zoya's 2011 Summertime collection.  It's a bright red creme called Sookie (any fellow True Blood fans out there???).

First, the good news.  The formula is actually incredible!  This took only one coat to look beautiful.  I actually bought this color because it reminded me of my favorite WnW color, 414.  I thought Sookie might make a good back up.  Now for the bad news.

Sookie was not meant for longevity.  I didn't fix the polish in the photos so you could see what I was talking about.  A couple of hours after painting my nails, I took a shower, and I had not taken my photos yet.  Despite the fact that I am very heavy handed with my TC, I experienced terrible tip wear and chipping.  Sadness.  You'll notice the tip wear on my index and ring finger, and the chip on my middle finger.

SH Double Duty and SV as base and top.

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  1. Hi Gina,

    I am a guy that has a strong feminine side and almost always wear women's sandals. I am like the opposite of a Tomboy. I live in California and get pedicures every two weeks and always wear bright red polish on my perfectly pedicured toenails because my toes are almost always exposed. I absolutely love to wear Sooki on my toes and get a lot of compliments on this color. It is the perfect toe color that goes with any color of sandal. I know that Zoya polished chip easier than OPI, but if you use a good base and top coat like Seche Vite, you won't have any problems with Zoya. I also like the fact that Zoya doesn't have any bad chemicals. Sooki is really beautiful on you in the pictures above. Have you tried it on your toes? It cheers me up when I look down and see this sassy bright red color peeking out of my sandals. I also enjoy your blog.

    Jamie :-)


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