19 June 2012

Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials Tuesday - Clean Up

Hi guys!  Today, I thought I would tell you about how I clean up my often messy paint jobs.  All I use is my nail polish thinner and an elf concealer brush.  The nail polish thinner I use is Beauty Secrets, which I get from Sally Beauty.  Some people prefer pure acetone, but I think it is too drying and damaging to my already sad cuticles.  I get great results using thinner without as much damage.  The elf concealer brush is $1.00 at Target.

After painting my nails, I dip the brush into the thinner, and lightly dab it on a piece of tissue to remove the excess.  If your brush is too loaded, it can flood the cuticle, and dissolve the edges of the polish too much.  Then, I use the brush to remove the polish from my skin.  I also use it to remove any polish that flooded my cuticle.  With darker colors, it's best to wipe of the brush after picking up polish to avoid inadvertently transferring that polish to other areas.

I can't take the credit for this trick.  I actually learned this method many years ago from the girl who did my pedis back then.  She used this method to clean up.  She also used this method to do french pedis.  She just painted on the white tip, without worrying about how messy it was.  Then, she used the brush to remove the white to create a nice, crisp, curved nail line.  She was the best!

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