31 January 2012

My first spongicure (Wicked), a stroke of genius, and a Glam Polish giveaway!!

What more could you want?!?
First of all, Glam Polish is doing a giveaway for 6 of the Hunter Games polishes from China Glaze.  To enter, click here!

So, as you know, I've been swatching my meager little stash.  I've recently acquired two Icing colors.  I'll leave the reviews on those to the swatch post, but I was noticing how the green sparklies in Witch's Brew were similar to the sparklies in Evergreen.  I thought they may make an interesting spongicure, so I went with it.  Now, this was my first time sponging, so be kind.  HOWEVER, I had a stroke of genius...at least to me!

I have read dozens and dozens of posts about sponging.  All of them said they use make-up sponges and even cut up kitchen sponges.  Well, I didn't have any make-up sponges as I don't wear foundation very often and when I do, it's just a sheer powder.  And I really wasn't up for cutting up a kitchen sponge.  So I had to figure out another option, when it dawned on me that I have a whole package of tiny little eyeshadow applicators.  I figured they should do the trick AND be less messy due to their compact size.  As I said, I've never done this before, so I cannot attest to whether or not this method is easier.  But I can say that it seemed quite easy to me, even as a newbie, and the mess was minimal.

On to the mani!  I started with two coats of Icing's Evergreen, followed by SH Insta-Dri.  Then I sponged on Icing's Witch's Brew using the eyeshadow applicator, followed by another coat of SH Insta-Dri.  What do you think?  I'm thinking not too bad for my first time.

UPDATE:  Have gotten tons of compliments on this today!  And someone over at MUA provided me with a reference for this mani that I love...Wicked!  And this links right into my Oz kick lately!  Happy Dance!


  1. Yay sponging!! The little eye makeup applicators were a great idea. Awesome mani!! That green is super pretty.

  2. I really like your color choices too. How cool that you are rocking a mani that reflects another interest of yours!

    1. Thanks! I got so many compliments when I wore this one.


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